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April 8, 2020



 I have always been a daydreamer, that is a fact to which I must readily admit to from the start. Therefore being in the luxury watch industry for the last seven years at Hal Martin’s Watch & Jewelry Co., occupying positions from retail sales to publicity and social media where I now reside in the company, has been, well, to say the least, incredible fodder for someone such as myself. There are a couple of things that I have found to be true after a little more than 6 decades of walking with my head in the clouds from time to time and that is this, pretty much all daydreams produce results. Now, those results may not necessarily be in line with where you left off daydreaming, but results occur nonetheless. Another detail that I have found to be a reoccurring aspect of daydreaming is, that in times of adversity my Walter Mitty characteristics; you younger readers may now Google Walter Mitty, we’ll wait; got it? seem to flourish like a blooming rose in the summer sunshine.

 It is interesting that I have been kicking around the idea for this blog for some time but something always came along to derail my progress, um, like walking past the computer too many times without sitting down in front of it. So here we find ourselves in March of 2020 with a little serving of adversity on our respective plates.

 Therefore. I am taking this opportunity, while we could all use a little respite from reality, to share a little insight into the life of a daydreamer, through the use of my Rolex collection, which, well has not as of this writing yet begun, but fear not, I end each and every daydream with my war cry, “never say never!” So if you care to share a short escapade with me, come on along, breathe slowly and deeply for a moment, while living vicariously through me, as I live vicariously through myself.

1.Yellow Gold 2 tone Datejust 36mm Jubilee Bracelet Fluted Bezel

 Ok, who could debate this watch is not a must for any Rolex collection? It is an icon and a cornerstone for Rolex itself. One of the most recognizable watches in the world, it is a symbol that your journey upward in the world has begun. I can not begin to calculate the number of compliments I have received on the part of this watch as I dreamed my way from Cairo back to Paris, the capital of Egypt, or somewhere, I think. Anyway, the point is, this watch is a classic and it always will be, you’ll see.

2. Submariner Holes Case

 Another no-brainer for a man of many moods, and what can I even say about this one Napoleon. The holes case is a must to recall to those rugged times when men were men, and, well, daydreamers were daydreamers still. Anyway, moving along, save a few watch companies, who haven’t had or still have a Sub homage in their collections. Ok, some don’t count, but enough of them do to make my point. The Submariner is the epitome of the open sea, the first, in a class all by itself, leaving the others high and dry in its shadow. I spent many years as a merchant marine, roaming the streets of faraway ports with my Sub leading the way, drowning in the admiring stares of exotic women. Umm, be careful, some of those exotic women like Submariners also.

3. GMT Master II Pepsi No Holes Case

 Ok, you can imagine why a daydreamer such as myself, who traverses the land one adventure at a time, would need a wristwatch with….ummm there’s something shiny over there……to be continued…