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August 19, 2020



Time flies, and if ever we have learned that, it has been in the first half of 2020. Explanation; not necessary. And so sadly, with so much of this year having passed, we find ourselves in July 2020 without seeing one new Rolex model having been released. Even Patek Philippe managed to eek out the release of Ref. 6007A in June of this year, scarcely 3 months ago at the opening of their new manufacture.


Last April Rolex announced an indefinite postponement of the releasing of new models, adding at that moment they had absolutely no idea of a future timeline for release. That coupled with the news of the Rolex factory closure a month prior led most to give up hope of ever seeing anything new from the luxury watch giant in 2020.

 But in this high velocity world we find ourselves in, things can change more rapidly than the wind direction in a thunderstorm. Quoting from a Robb Report article “Rolex has quietly confirmed to Robb Report that it will be debuting new models for 2020 on September 1 on Rolex.com. Other sources have also reported that retailers along with select journalists and media outlets have been asked to keep September 1 open for a coordinated global launch of the new Rolex models.

 For many in the watch community that had no hope of new releases, went to forums to soothe their desires for a new Rolex, a mere movement update, something, anything, and there they began daydreaming and designing their own predictions of what was to come from Rolex in 2020. They ran the gamut from “that’s what I’m talking about’ to “ what’s he on?” Now, thankfully we can erase those sketches from our minds and grasp onto something of substance.

  All that being said, the announcement of new Rolex models being released and the ability of the consumer to actually put one on his wrist this year may be 2 distinct discussions. Flashback to factory closing! On the other hand, given that it is being billed a coordinated global launch, there certainly remains a chance they will see the light of day before years end. As aforementioned, things are still unsettled and running at full velocity signifying anything could still occur to hinder the September 1 release date.

 Interestingly when I started this blog I didn’t believe more speculation would make its way so deeply into the theme of this piece. I guess when you are extremely thirsty nothing less than the first drop of water will convince you the drought is over.

There has been no confirmation from Rolex as to how many new models will be virtually revealed to us from their site, whether it be the full lineup or rather a few handpicked models to get the ball rolling once again. It seems a safe bet that something in stainless steel would be in order as it continues to hold king status among Rolex alloys at the moment. Of all the fantasy creations from the forums to the street corner, a stainless steel Submariner blue dial has my vote. We shall see.

So now you know what you have to do. Bookmark Rolex.com for September 1 and see if your new Rolex design made the cut.