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What A Year


December 3, 2018



What a year it has been at Hal Martin’s Watch & Jewelry Co. As soon as I wrote that phrase it felt like I was readying myself to read Aunt Arlene’s blow by blow account of her family’s always amazing adventure filled year, which we religiously received in the mail every year just a few days prior to Christmas. I’m sure everyone had their own aunt Arlene in their family, whose letters seemed, well, a bit unnecessary at times, however, I now understand Arlene’s excitement in sharing the wonders of the prior 365 days.

Here at Hal Martin’s we have experienced our own share of excitement, ups, downs, and everything in between. But mostly ups! And as with all families we have enjoyed each and every rapid step. So, as Aunt Arlene was always famous for saying, “my stars where am I to begin.”

I guess we would have to say the most interesting character in our family this year would have to be our biggest child Rolex. Certainly, we all thought at some point he would stop growing but he has shown us that in fact that he has no intention of doing so. The 2018 Rolex story which nary needs to be told again, has not only impacted the luxury

watch market, it practically became the market. I am not going to bombard you with more statistics. Anyone who has had half an eye on the Rolex market this year has absorbed enough numbers to create their own galaxy. And as we all know, the numbers in the buy and sell column of used Rolex, have gotten larger and they don’t seem to be looking for a diet anytime soon. I will say one thing, the time is always relevant to chase that Rolex dream because since its inception, the future value of Rolex has not and will not, let you down.

With that being said I could then assume that most everyone has also heard about the shortage of Rolex stainless steel sport models, which by the way could certainly extend your search time with the Christmas season rapidly approaching. This maybe be the first year in your life when procrastination does not serve you well when shopping for pre-owned Rolex watches, of any model.

Of course, that is not the end of the story concerning the watch market at Hal Martin’s. As watch expert and diamond guru extraordinaire, Tarang Patel always says, “we are not a museum, we are here to move watches and service customers

with respect”. That being said watches of every lineage are moving, obviously some faster than others, but the Rolex story has ignited a desire in people to begin collecting luxury watches with a trade up to a Rolex being the initial motivation and the eventual end game, which to me lends itself to sound thinking.

We here at Hal Martin’s have seen a certain surge in Panerai sales occurring beginning mid-year and seems to be holding that position. The diehard Panerai aficionados have returned and brought with them more than a few new interested individuals hungry to escape what has become the norm and build a more inclusive collection. As always here at Hal Martin’s, Cartier Watches such as Ballon Bleu, Tanks of every variety, and Calibre De Cartier also tend to leave the case rapidly, especially during this season. If these are on your list now would be a good time to visit the store sit on Santa’s lap with your list of desires and give him an extra wink or two.

Speed Masters as well as Sea Masters again spend very little time in the store so definitely get a

jump on those. We hate to let anyone down, and all the evidence is pointing to a dynamic holiday season, on the heels of a very dynamic year. I.W.C. Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre have all been in and out of the house. Even our wild cousin Richard Mille tends to stop in and shake things up from time to time.

Some members of the family, Hublot for one has been a real mover in the upper end of its price range. Hublot as you know loves to dress up and diamonds and other fine jewels are never far from his wardrobe this year. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is always a family favorite and hard to keep around, even for Christmas dinner. And once again, of course without the need to mention, Grandpa Patek is constantly on the move.

I never heard aunt Arlene complain about receiving jewelry for Christmas, or any other woman around the Christmas tree for that matter, especially custom designed jewelry, which happens to be a Hal Martin’s specialty. But magic, even in the hands of the aforementioned Tarang Patel, does not happen overnight. So, check the number under the cyclops of your Date Just, and I will need to say no more as

to the urgency of time should you feel like raising someone’s holiday joy up a level.

This information is but a tip of the iceberg of the year we called 2018, but as you know with my ever-worsening arthritis, I must lay down the pen and extend to you an invitation to come by the store to hear the full story for yourself.

We Love You All,

From our Family to Yours,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!