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History of the Rolex Day Date (President)


March 28, 2017



                                    History of the Rolex Day Date (President)

Patented in 1955 and introduced in 1956 the Rolex Day Date came with
an automatic movement.
Beginning in 1969 Rolex introduced the hidden clasp on the Day Date
band. Despite the bracelet’s name it
was soon after Rolex presented President Dwight D Eisenhower with a
Day Date that it became know as the
President” watch thus becoming known as the symbol of success
worldwide. Interesting fact is the day date
wheels came in 26 different languages. Presidents from Kennedy to
Reagan have worn the Rolex Day Date. In 1987
Rolex introduced the Quick Set and then in 1990 the Double Quick Set
Feature. Recently Rolex introduced the
“solid links” in Year 2000 to make the President bracelet less prone
to bracelet “stretch”. The Rolex Day Date has over the years become a
classic and a staple on the web pages and store cases of used Rolex
dealers such as halmartins.com. It’s place is firmly cemented in the
history books of fine Swiss timepieces.