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Patek Philippe Celebrates 175 Years


September 29, 2014



Patek Philippe completed 175 years of operations this year. It recently celebrated its 175th
year of establishment when Antoine Norbert de Patek, the Polish cavalry
official-converted-watch industrialist sought out the skills of Jean
Adrien Philippe, the popular French watchmaker, who had just designed
the keyless tasks essential for winding and regulating the watches
without keys.

Thierry Stern, the President of the watch company addressed the
press, explaining the area where he feels very comfortable, being a
vital part of process that develops new models. When asked about their
most controversial launch this year, he stated that it was an annual
steel calendar chronograph (ref.5960/1A) that substituted the existing
models in platinum and gold.

After the death of Antoine Norbert in the year 1877, the watch
manufacturer turned out to be a general affiliation and later a
joint-stock affiliation in the year 1901. Since 1932 Patek Philippe has
been completely managed by the Sterns when the family, which was a
supplier of dials to them at that time, acquired the firm. A continuous
operation of 82 years has given the Sterns a rare chance in company

That sense of timelessness and stability is the main strategy of
Patek to develop watches that will endure the test of time instead of
making just a quick buck.

In the yester years, Patek Philippe has manufactured few of the most
astounding ‘super complications’ like the Star Calibre 2000 and the
Calibre 89 (the most complicated watch in the world). These watches cost
several millions and were released in limited numbers, implying they
were within the reach of only few wealthy collectors.

Stern stated – “What I can tell you is it will not be something
unique. You cannot always create the biggest, most complicated watch in
the world. Today the client also expects to share this moment with us,
which means that if I’m only having one masterpiece and that’s it, it’s
not really something you can share with everybody. So there will be
different types of watches, for both men and ladies

Though, the 175 years of experience of the company have not all been
smooth sailing. Similar to any other firm, it is bare to the flow and
ebb of the global economy. The long reign of Stern’s family has assisted
Thierry in building a confident strategy for handling the times of

By Catherine Strearns

Source: http://stixs.in/patek-philippe-completes-175-years-of-operations/