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​Which Rolex Is Mine?


August 7, 2017



You went to school, you got a job and you have done well for yourself in a short time, much shorter than you ever imagined. And with that has come a day of reward, a day to lay down a mark in life, much like your mom marking your height on the kitchen doorframe, albeit a bit more involved, and dare say, a bit more expensive. It’s is an unstated rite of passage for many and continues to be a symbol of achievement that more of the world’s population recognizes than any other luxury item. It is time for your first Rolex. This an exciting and daunting task all rolled up into one. There a myriad of things to consider when this monumental moment arrives in one’s life, what model do I want, what metal do I want, complicated or not? Do I want to buy a model with value retention in mind? It can become overwhelming even though, Rolex keeps sub models in each category under control, compared to other manufacturers, there are still enough choices to confuse your senses. Therefore, a good place to start, is to ground your search in facts, give it some well-deserved direction, look first at what your personality type is, at least most of the time, for this will tell you exactly what you want to portray once you adorn your wrist in Swiss luxury, the Rolex way. So, who are you? There a quite a few personality types, and of course a mixture of each of those, occurs from time to time and then, of course, there are those who will never fit any chair they sit in. But for many of us, we can be put into a category that we have to agree on covers most of who we are, most of the time. So today we are going to squeeze everyone into one of these four categories, for the sake of time, and utter confusion, at categorizing every possible combo of characteristics. Those four categories are, professional, connoisseur, adventurer, and visionary. These will help you break down who you are and what you expect from your Rolex. If this is your first purchase funds may be a bit of a determining factor, but remember, at least for now, your state of finances, are also a part of your personality.

1. The Professional

The professional needs a watch that will take him from the boardroom to dinner, because as happens so often in this fast-paced world of modern business, where the deal doesn’t always get left at the office, the dinner hour becomes an extension of the office environment. There are a number of choices to be taken from Rolex’s lineup of fine timepieces, depending on just how long you have been a part of the boardroom. There are three choices that accommodate this situation perfectly, each of them representing a different rung on the ladder of success. Firstly, for those who have just ascended the first rung of the corporate ladder, we have the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. While at the low end of the Rolex lineup as far as price goes, as we all know, it in no way diminishes the message that Rolex delivers. The smooth, domed, bezel sets the tone for the understated elegance this model possesses. At just 39mm it is one of the smaller models, the Datejust 36mm is smaller still, but with a dark rhodium dial accented with 18ct gold stick hour markers, it harkens back to a time when the celebration of a milestone was a bit more reserved an occasion and one’s wealth was one’s knowledge alone. You can recreate that atmosphere of regal class with the Rolex Oyster Perpetual on your wrist at the next late-night strategy session over pasta and red wine at Vigallucci’s. The next rung on the ladder could well bring you to the Rolex Datejust II, with its bold 41mm case, iconic white gold fluted bezel, oyster bracelet and of course date aperture, this model shows you are aggressive in all you do and aren’t afraid to display it. A bold watch for a bold business world. Once you are at or near the head of the table the Rolex President will surely accompany you. An 18ct. solid gold case is secured to the wrist with the unmistakable president bracelet, while the day and date windows announce your success at first glance. There is little left to say after that.

2. The Connoisseur

The connoisseur likes the finer things in life, things that are uniquely interesting, something that is identifiable as the best, something you aren’t going find on every street corner. While that might very well apply to every Rolex model, the Rolex Rose Gold Sky-Dweller stills the cravings of the savvy connoisseur in search of the best. The Rolex Sky-Dweller is a technological masterpiece protected by 11 to 14 patents depending on the model you chose, the Rolex Sky-Dweller provides the information global travelers need to keep track of time quickly and easily. Two-time zones are displayed simultaneously. Local time being indicated by the three conventional hands while reference time in the travelers’ home time zone is read on a rotating off-center disk. The Sky-Dweller is a masterful timepiece that incorporates mechanical sophistication and ease of use. Everything a connoisseur could hope for in a Rolex. 


3. The Adventurer

You are adventurous. You love the outdoors, you live with a willingness to try new things, to take the risk before the thought of normal boundaries coral your spirit, and Rolex awards you for it, with a myriad of models that you, the adventurer, inspired. We will examine three models that fit the adventurous lifestyle you lead and want to reflect to the world at large. First off, so aptly named, the Rolex Explorer II, is a rugged, as are all Rolex watches, and beautiful timepiece, originally brought to fame by now, Sir Edmund Hillary when he hit the summit of Mount Everest in 1953. It sports a robust 42 mm stainless steel case with a fixed 24 hour graduated bezel and a fourth hand for reading a second-time zone. Worn on Rolex’s oyster bracelet, you can scale the mountain in the morning and still be presentable for the afternoon meeting. Our second choice is the Rolex Yacht-Master II one of the largest Rolex offerings checking in at a robust 44mm with a bi-directional rotatable Ring Command bezel and a programmable countdown with mechanical memory and on-the-fly synchronization. Never be a second late to your next regatta. Our third choice is the ever-iconic Rolex Submariner. Beach to boardroom to ballroom, without ever skipping a beat. The Rolex Submariner is still the top selling sports watch in the world, and its versatility, is one big reason why, the Submariner still wears that crown. A stainless-steel Sub with its black dial and simple three hand architecture looks equally at home under a wetsuit or the sleeve of a finely tailored tuxedo. It just is, and cannot be argued in any sensible form. The end!

4. The Visionary

The visionary lives off the beaten path, even though he may live right next door to you. He sees things differently, without the constraints of a thought process anchored in our present reality. The visionary lives by a mantra of “change”. Never fear, for Rolex design teams kept you in mind and created timepieces to enchant the most forward thinking of individuals. Firstly, we offer the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in platinum. The Daytona was introduced in 1963 and designed to meet the demands of race car drivers. With its tachymetric scale bezel and reliable chronograph, it allows drivers to measure average speeds up to 400 kilometers or miles per hour. Encasing all that engineering in a platinum case moves you ahead of the pack in so many ways, while letting you calculate how quickly you have already moved on. Try the Daytona in Rose Gold for another step ahead.

This list in no way aims to limit the true versatility of all Rolex models, because in reality no one would chastise you for wearing a Rolex Submariner on a Rubber B strap to their bar mitzvah, but is merely a directive guide to those of us who might take artistic license, too far at times. One other thing to note is, a good alternative to starting your collection out, or adding to it, with a new Rolex, is, buying from a reputable pre-owned Rolex dealer, such as Hal Martin’s Watch & Jewelry Co. in Houston Texas, which will enable you to purchase more watch than you thought possible. Either way, you and your personality, enjoy your next Rolex.