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November 30, 2020



Not that I need even mention it but 2020 was a year for the record books! We all have continuing proof of that in our collective daily lives. Tasks, which before seemed simple and mundane from eating out to traveling to spending time with loved ones, have become increasingly difficult. birthdays, engagement parties, engagement dinners, even weddings themselves many times have been cancelled in the shadow of 2020. I myself was looking forward to my friend’s wedding in Nicaragua which has long since been shelved for better times to come. All of this has many people wondering if their gift giving plans will remain a reality this year with the holiday season upon us.

But fear not, not everything is lost from this year as we at Hal Martin’s Watch & Jewelry Co. are pleased to announce that despite everything the year has dealt us, keeping your Christmas dreams alive at Hal Martin’s has never been easier.

We have partnered with Synchrony Bank to offer our valued clients budget friendly financing with a simplified application process.

Synchrony Bank is a leader in consumer financial services with 88 years of retail heritage. With 75.5 million customer accounts, Synchrony Bank knows consumer finance.

What are some of the advantages of financing with Synchrony? More purchasing power with more time to pay for your dream Rolex watch. Promotional rewards programs. Request a credit limit with just a few clicks from any device. $0 fraud liability means you’re 100% protected along with free credit monitoring.

To apply, simply visit Hal Martin’s and fill out the short quick and easy application, review your information to assure everything is correct, sign the printed copy and immediately afterwards your application is submitted for approval. It’s that simple. Synchrony Bank also offers the option of adding a co-applicant. Co-applicants must provide the same information as the primary applicant. Note: 2 forms of ID are required to apply. A valid driver’s license and a credit card are accepted.

Applicant decisions are made in minutes and upon approval you can make someone’s dreams come true this Christmas.

So end the year on a bright note while spreading smiles to the family and friends occupying your holiday shopping list. Happy Holidays!