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April 26, 2021



for significant changes and or additions to the Rolex collection can
be a daunting task, a study in polished patience and acceptance. And
then, when change comes 1 mm at a time, those long awaited reveals
can be a bit anticlimactic. Only later, after giving oneself a bit of
time to meditate on the subtle changes, will the Rolex magic and
genius reveal itself again.

however took away any need to look closely to appreciate the new
releases, and the bold implications they possess. No need to look for
the changes, the changes will find you!

first, most publicized, and deserving so, is the new Rolex Explorer which has been revamped from the case to the metal options. I for one
did not see this one coming but I am pleased to see it.

Explorers case size has been reduced from 39mm to its original 36mm
when first released in 1953. Downsizing the case by 3mm is one thing,
but what I find most notable is the release of the Explorer on a
Roselor 18k yellow gold version with a black lacquered dial, with the
emblematic 3,6, and 9 numerals which are a definite part of the
Explorers personality.

Explorers updated Chromalight, which shines brighter, and lasts
longer, coupled with an updated movement, the calibre 3230, with 70
hours of power reserve, makes the new Rolex Explorer a complete and
stunning success.

The Explorer II received a more modest make-*over than the Explorer, such
as PVD coated hour markers on a white lacquered dial. The black
lacquered hour, minute and seconds hands now come in a matte finish
instead of the previous models glossy finish. The orange 24 hour hand
has remained the same as previous models.

slimmed down lugs complete the aesthetic changes. While inside beats
movement calibre 3285 developed and manufactured by Rolex and
released in 2018, it delivers 70 hours of power reserve to the new
Explorer II.

is no need to find your glasses to recognize the changes to the Rolex Datejust collection. The new palm and fluted dial motifs are
absolutely stunning even though I never thought I would see a palm
leaf on a Rolex dial. Tommy Bahama was probably surprised as well.

olive green colored palm motif adorns the 36mm Oyster steel model. A
golden palm motif is displayed on an Oyster steel and yellow gold
version. The final palm motif version comes with a silver dial on the
Oyster steel model, and the Everose gold version is offered on a
jubilee bracelet.

3 models are stunningly executed and are sure to be a welcome
addition to the Datejust collection.

Roselor offering, again on a jubilee bracelet, comes with a golden
fluted dial mimicking the iconic Datejust fluted bezel.

the models contain calibre 3235 which stores up 70 hours of power

new Lady-Datejust 28mm is set with 158 brilliant cut diamonds on the
case sides and lugs, along with 44 brilliant cut diamonds on the
bezel. The president bracelet sparkles with another 596 brilliant cut
diamonds. Completing the watch is the dial paved with an additional
291 diamonds, featuring 18k yellow gold numerals with a bold black

28mm this one leaves me scratching my head as far as putting such a
grand idea on such a small playing field for our times. But as
always, we will have to wait and see if this is but another example
of why I am not at the helm of Rolex.


on with the run of bold changes for Rolex in 2021 is the release of
the Sky-Dweller on a jubilee bracelet, on both the Oyster steel and
yellow gold, as well as the Oyster steel and white gold version.
Although aesthetically pleasing, it can come across as a bit too
delicate for the Sky-Dwellers masculine 42mm case. That being said I
love it!

meteoric rise of the Rolex Daytona is now officially recognized with
the release of the Rolex Daytona with a meteorite dial on the white
yellow and Everose gold models. Each model also comes offered on the
Oysterflex bracelet.


wasn’t finished setting diamonds after the completion of the
Lady-Datejust 28. They also introduced 3 new Day-Date diamond
watches. Fully paved dials with diamond bezels, crowns and clasps,
these new Day-Date models are striking, and are composed of three
different colored straps.

coral colored strap is paired with the 18k yellow gold version. The
turquoise is attached to the 18k white gold model and the 18k Everose is held to your wrist with a burgundy colored strap.

models are accentuated with brilliantly colored enamel hour markers.

also announced rather quietly that the popular stainless steel GMT
Master II will once again be offered on the stalwart Oyster bracelet.

there we have but a brief examination of Rolex for 2021. After all
the analysis written and done, all that can really be said is, Rolex
did it again.