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Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement Ring Care


June 28, 2017



You spent weeks, months, possibly, your entire life, even up to this very moment, thinking about, planning, and designing your dream engagement ring, not to mention that very magical day itself. But it all begins with the ring, which will signal to the world, the love of another, that you carry with you. You educated yourself on every possible cut of diamond from Princess to Emerald, from Ascher to Oval and Baguette to Pear shape. You have enough knowledge to almost consider yourself a certified metallurgist, as you’ve seen touched and studied every natural substance available to form your dream ring. And then one day it all came together, suddenly he had a pebble stuck in his knee and you, well, you were beaming as you looked down upon your slender finger and saw your future begin to form.

So now that it goes everywhere and does everything with you, there are a few do’s and don’ts to remember, to preserve your first, real, treasures brilliance, value and beauty, in your heart, and to the world outside of it.

Do…..Have It Insured

This is the number one non-negotiable rule upon buying any fine piece of jewelry or luxury timepiece. Look, you will never recover completely on all levels should a dream possession such as your engagement ring, God forbid, ever be stolen. But we do live in an imperfect world and in as such there are odds and sometimes those odds are against us. But if you are insured properly, by a reputable company such as Jewelers Mutual, who will replace your piece with the same type and quality, then at least you can move on with some semblance of peace. And as you know, they can only steal the ring, not your love for him. Be sure to shop around different insurance companies as not all are created equal in what you will receive back after such a traumatic moment. That’s why Hal Martin’ uses Jewelers Mutual exclusively.

Do…..Take It Off Sometimes

Of course, this sounds like such a cruel and heartless statement, you never want to remove such a bonding sign of love, but, there are very valid reasons for it, and one day you may be glad you heeded this information. Basic daily activities take a toll on your fingers and anything connected to them. You only now realize it now because of your new companion, i.e. your engagement ring. Going to the gym, gardening, doing the dishes, sports, even the most innocuous of daily tasks can and do put a strain on your ring. Especially prongs which can bend and break, and they are always on the front line of scouting out things to snag hold of. Another advantage of removing it from time to time allows you to begin a new habit of inspecting, from a closer vantage point, than you normally have from your finger, at least the most visible of potential problems which may arise with your ring, such as the aforementioned bent or broken prongs along with the possibility of chipped stones.

Do…..Have a Safe Place To Store It

Diamonds are beautiful, we all agree. We must also all agree that diamonds are dangerous. Not to you, but to other diamonds and the metals around them, because diamonds, being the hardest mineral on earth and gold not near as hard as steel, you can see the potential problems. Tossing all your jewelry in the same couple of velvet lined pouches is not the definition of a safe place to store your jewels. And although diamonds are extremely hard, they can and do chip from time to time. A compartmentalized velvet lined jewelry box, some offered with optional watch winders, such as Wolf Brand products, is the safest way to maintain your fine pieces as scratch free as possible, for as long as possible. Also have a dedicated safe spot to put it if you are in the habit of removing it while cooking, which can be a good habit to have. Diamond baskets are good, but can become costly. A hook on the wall is a great option. But always remember, place the hook as far away from the sink as possible. Since the inception of metalurology , the sink drain has been the grim reaper of rings.Even though you are now in the habit of inspecting your ring periodically, it is still a good idea, to schedule a 6 month, or one year check-up for your rings at a reputable jeweler like Hal Martin’s Watch and Jewelry Company. The jewelers loop can still tell a story the naked eye has no idea exists. Do all you can to protect one of your most valued possessions.

Don’t…..Let It Get Too Dirty

Your hands get dirty, so it only stands to reason, so does your engagement ring. There are thousands of home remedies for almost anything in the world if you ask enough people. Cleaning your ring, is of course, no different. There are solutions which may be wonderful for cleansing diamonds but so not so compatible with other stones or certain types of metals. Still the best way to clean your jewelry and or fine Swiss timepieces like men’s used Rolex watches, is to put a few drops of dish soap in luke-warm water, soak for a little while and then gently scrub with a new soft bristled baby’s toothbrush. Then rinse with clean luke-warm water until all soapy residue is removed. Never ever clean your ring in this fashion over the sink. The grim Reaper, disguised as the drain awaits your valuables. The best option of all is deal with a reputable dealer such as Hal Martins Watch and Jewelry Company, who most often, if not swamped with customers, will soak and steam clean your ring for free while you wait.


Don’t…..Remove In Public

With the ring, safely on your finger, the only thing left to do is go out with the girls and put that beauty on the public stage for the first time. Whether it is margaritas and nachos or wine, fried mozzarella and marinara sauce, your hands will need to be washed while in public. So, as you chat, laugh and enjoy the night it is best to resist the urge to take it off while washing your hands. I know your girlfriends have a certain air of distraction about them and they would shrink at the thought that you left it on counter and walked away because of said distraction. And surely by now I needn’t mention the grim reaper i.e. sink drain.

Don’t…..Have It Re-sized More Than Once

This is one don’t that may have a little grey area within it, but not much. If your band is a bit on the thick side you may surpass more than one re-size. There are many factors that come into play with process of cutting, filing and polishing a re-sized ring. Obviously the thinner the band the less opportunities you have to re-size merely from a material stand point. First a cut is made, either to remove or to add material, then it is soldered together, filed and then polished. The thinner the band the more delicate the process is from the start. Another very important consideration are the gemstones themselves. Some stones can take heat better than others and it takes an experienced jeweler like Hal Martin’s Watch and Jewelry Company to know the difference and act according. Heat is not the only factor which can have an effect upon your precious stones. If a ring is re-sized too big or too small with the material, post and settings available, prongs can bend and or break and suddenly you have free range diamonds, which by the way is not recommended. One quick tip for a small increment resize is to place a small bead inside the ring to reduce the diameter.

Do your homework and grow a relationship with the jeweler you feel the most knowledgeable, fair, as well as someone who shares your vision and that you feel comfortable working with. Enjoy your new ring and the love filled life that accompanies it.