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Top 3 Reasons To Buy Pre-owned Rolex


June 19, 2017



 The quality of Rolex timepieces is legendary. For over a century now Rolex has made wristwatch history without the need for grand complications, tourbillons, perpetual calendars or other such applications or exotic materials now so prevalent in the watch industry. And with production at just under a million watches a year, it becomes a very impressive story and keeps Rolex at the forefront of any laymen’s mind when they are asked to name a luxury watch brand. How does a company rise above so many others and retain that position for so long. Why is a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag still an elegant staple? Because it is essentially the same look as it’s forbearers, with the changes being incrementally small. That simplicity in changes is exactly how Rolex has maintained its status as a staple in the luxury watch world. Some models will appreciate, not just become obsolete.

 But as we all know quality, status, and luxury all come with a price, and depending on your tastes, that price could be rather high. That is where the pre-owned Rolex watch market comes to the rescue. So, we are going to examine the top 3 reasons for buying pre-owned Rolex versus new Rolex timepieces.

1. Price

 We’ve all heard the analogy about buying a luxury car and losing 11% or more as the tires leave the lot and touch the pavement of the street. Well, I will bore you with that analogy one more time, as it applies quite well to this situation. If someone pays $12,000 retail for a Rolex Datejust II and has to sell it a week later, a wholesaler is going to pay him $7,000, he just rented that watch for a week for $5 grand. Then you walk in the store and scoop up the savings. That’s not to say the wholesaler is not going to mark the watch up, he has to make money after all, but if you deal with a reputable dealer such as Hal Martin’s Watch & Jewelry Co. in Houston TX. You can be assured they won´t be gouging everyone involved. The key is do your homework and find that reputable dealer. The next advantage of having someone else take that first hit of purchasing the timepiece new is it can allow people to enter the luxury watch market sooner than anticipated and/or can purchase more watch. And if you keep in mind that buying models that are always in demand, such as the Rolex Daytona, you will lose less of your investment or walk in with the possibilty of gaining equity, when you decide to sell or trade up to another Rolex. Another advantage of the used market is no sales tax if you buy the watch out of state. Once again it takes some homework on your part with the onslaught of internet luxry watch sites. There are good and bad in all things and buying a watch on the internet sparks good and bad emotions and notions in dealers minds. I´ve heard horror stories and I have seen huge smiles, both from internet sales. Hal Martins being both on the internet and possessing a brick and mortor store has a bit of an advantage, at least for those people in the region, for in my opinion it is still nice to touch something so precious to feel if it is truley the one you want to take home.

2. Larger Selection

 Another distinct advantage of the used Rolex market is the sheer volume of watches available to the consumer. If you have your heart set on buying new you are restricted to current models, which, if you know what you want, and it´s a current model, and money is not an issue, it´s a win win situacion. But for others, current models may not be the only thing on their shopping list. So as with many things the internet has opened up the world of pre-owned luxury watches and brought forth many owners who before may not have made the effort to seek out a private buyer or retailer. But now from the comfort of his Lazy Boy recliner his Rolex stainless steel Turnograph just entered the market and one day might find it´s way to your wrist. So what´s the advantage to you? It can mean different things to different people. Some people may find that model they loved as a kid, such as an original GMT with the red and blue bezel called the “Pepsi” which now may not be as popular as in years past but your love for it never diminished, therefore you stand to save a substanial sum of money on an earlier year watch. One thing to note, no matter the popularity of any given model at any given time, a Rolex never loses it´s prestige. Another direct advantage of the larger used inventory is, for someone seeking out a limited edition model to round out his collection, he now stands a more realistic chance of obtaining it and of obtaining it much faster than in previous eras. It should also be noted that, even though the market, selection and availablity has increased, it has in no way taken away from the value that Rolex continues to maintain and bolster with time.

3. Rolex Are Engineered To Last

 Engineered to last and made to last hold two very different connotations for me. Made to last can be and has been, many times in my life, an empty claim, easy to make in print, hard to back up in real life. Engineered to last signifies commitment, which takes time and proving, both of which Rolex has achieved. Therefore, buying used does not mean buying inferior, once again if you do your homework. A Rolex watch is a mechanical instrument at its heart and as with all things mechanical they need servicing to maintain their peak performance and life span, which a Rolex really, as of yet, has no set life span. If your 2001 two tone Datejust is serviced regularly, the only risk of extinction it may run, is if it last so long they stop making parts for that particular model. But that will most likely be your grandson’s problem. Engineered to last provides such advantages. Once again since you are not buying a cookbook here, so you have to be vigilant throughout the process. Always try and obtain some type of service history on the watch if possible. A luxury watch service is a fair expenditure these days and you run a good chance that the previous owner may have held on to such paperwork. Buying from a known reputable dealer such as Hal Martin’s who has been in business since 1973 can take a lot of that worry off your mind and give you back a fair amount of your precious time. Hal Martin’s service department has trained and certified watchmakers in house who first certify authenticity, then do a full service and polish bringing your next Rolex back to mint condition. As proof of Hal Martin’s commitment to his customers and to Rolexes record of holding the top spot in the COSC’s statistics, each Rolex watch leaves the store with a two year in store warranty. A full year longer than any other top Swiss brand they carry. Rolex inspires confidence in both buyer and seller.

So, by utilizing these few tips you can achieve a moment in life which you always thought would take much longer to arrive. Enjoy the relationship.