What A Year

What A Year

Posted by Brian Fredrichs On 3rd Dec 2018
What a year it has been at Hal Martin’s Watch & Jewelry Co. As soon as I wrote that phrase it felt like I was readying myself to read Aunt Arlene’s blow by blow account of her family's always amazing …

Rolex Was Right On "Kew"

Posted by Brian Friedrichs On 27th Aug 2018 In Rolex
                            It all began a little over 100 years ago when Rolex was granted its first class “A …
The Elusive MilSub

The Elusive MilSub

Posted by Brian Friedrichs On 30th Jul 2018
 Say MilSub to some watch enthusiasts and you might get an inquisitive glance. But say MilSub to a MilSub fanatic and they most probably will need a bib to maintain dry that freshly pressed shirt …

Rolex Role in World War II

Posted by Brian Friedrichs On 2nd Jul 2018
As I sit here in my office in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, just far enough south of this country's current crisis to be able to almost concentrate on the daily tasks at hand. But within this environme …